Applying for a CIO Job - What to expect in an CIO Interview

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So you think you're ready to apply for a job as a CIO.  In this article we'll take a closer look at what to expect in an CIO Job interview.

Becoming a CIO is a big step up in the IT industry. CIOs are not only responsible for managing technical teams, but also for interviewing, hiring, and managing major projects that affect the entire business. They’re also responsible for innovating their business to make it more efficient and tech-savvy, leading the charge in technology change without disrupting the business’s day-to-day operations.

Today's CIOs hold more clout than ever before in business circles. CEOs and boards depend on their input to keep things running smoothly. Whether it's internal IT operations or external web traffic, the CIO has a front row seat at the table. However, preparation is key. In order to remain successful, CIOs must be able to anticipate potential problems and come up with solutions quickly. They must also be prepared to answer tough questions.


Here, several experts share the top CIO Interview Questions Organizations Should Ask and Why.

  • In your opinion, which is the most important and challenging part of CIO’s job?

  • In your opinion, what qualities should a future CIO of a company like ours have?

  • This company might need to purchase and implement a new system at some point. As CIO, how would you convince the CFO that this system is beneficial?

  • If you are faced with a budget decrease here for the IT department, how would you deal with that decrease and prioritize various information based projects?

  • If you are the new CIO, which metrics would you monitor daily?

With such high stakes the full complement of enterprise leadership has become invested in the hiring process. It's commonplace for senior executives within an organization to meet and interview candidates. Chief executive officers (CEO), chief operating officers (COO) and chief human resources officers (CHRO) are most commonly involved in CIO interviews - and sometimes even members of the board of director.

In conclusion, there is no single right way to conduct a CIO interview. There are however some best practices which will help you get the most out of each interview.

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